The Fish Reflection

Value Drawing Reflection

The main objective of the value drawing was to use all the value scales to give the drawing a realistic look or in other words, make the drawimg look 3D. Also to use a wide range of value so the drawing can represent the position, perspective and also where the light is hitting from. To accomplish these we used value to shade and make specific areas darker than others this gave it a 3D look since it represented the position of the fish and realistic values.


In this project we only used char-kole for the value drawing but that was a huge medium in this project. We used char-kole for shadings and for values, even though the char-kole is black we used it lighty on some places and smudged it so it gave a light and realistic value, another key thing we used was we blended two different values together by smudging which gave it an even more realistic affect.


I think i couldve done some imporvements or in other words some things i found weak about my drawing were the values on the head of the fish and also towards the tail because  thouught it looks like one value so therefore the 3D affect fads away there and also i couldnt give the cut open piece an affect that it was hanging backwards but other than those things I think i used good value scale in the organs of the fish where we cut the fish and also on the fins, i made the fins look like they were on top in position which they were.


I found the value drawing much more challenging than the Contour drawing and some examples were giving the correct value scales in the organs, i worked very hard on that and eventually thought i successsfully managed to give it a 3D affect, another challenging point was where we had to draw the cut out flap tilted behind; ht was the hardest area for me in this project and also listed that point as things that i couldve imporved on.


Just like i stated in my contour drawing reflection, the unique aspects of this project for me were drawing the fish by actually lookin at a real one to see everything detailed and to see it from a primary view. It was fun drawing the value drawing but not as much as the contour one; i thought that the value drawing wasnt so much fun because i am not such a big fan of shading and adding a variety of value.


I thought that the value drawing related so much to the renassance since value, perspective and most of all the term “3D” had been invented. Value was the route of shading and when perspective was added it lead to 3D drawings. This project was like we were immitating Leonardo Da Vinci when he disected human bodeis, cut them open, drew them and studied them. Instead of human bodies we cut up a fish and drew it and when adding Value scales we concluded it to look 3D.

Contour Drawing Reflection

The main objective of the contour drawing was to have smooth lines and without using value and shading make the drawing look realistic for example making it look as if the weight of the fish was at the bottom and was curving behind; we gave this affect by using thickness of lines. As stated above the aim was not to sketch it but draw thorough and smooth lines according to the shape, fins, tail, scale, and patterns seen.


In this project we used pencil to visualize roughly what it will look like the after we thought it met the objectives we went over it with special pen. These pens really helped us to give the fish heavier looks on specific part and also curving areas, we accomplished this by using the thickness of lines, we used 0.1 and 0.5. We used 0.1 lighter areas for example scales and patterns spotted and majorly used the 0.5 for the lower part of the wish to give it a curving and heavy affect.


When we talk about areas the i could improve on i think i did a very well job on the contour drawing but maaybe some possible parts couldve been the tail, i think i have completed the objectives because all my lines were very smooth and i did not use and value or shading, and most importantly i used thickness of lines an made parts of my drawing realistic such as in weight and shape.


There werent many challenging areas for me furing the contour drawing and think that i was more successfull in this when compared to the value drawing. There were only some minor challenges i faced during this project such as drawing the tail; that was my only challenge, i couldnt draw it well, the shape didnt look realistic and couldnt adjust the proportion, i realized ths after when i looked from a far distance, the tail was too small.


When looked at unique aspects of this assignment i really enjoyed this project, i thought it was fun drawing a fish especially by looking at a real one infront of you. I enjoyed the contour drawing more than the value drawing not only in terms of success but also thought it was more fun.


I thought this assignment didnt have to do as much as the value drawing but some areas in my opinion were the thickness used and also smooth lines instead of sketches to make it look realisitc.






Value Hand Drawing

My Value Hand Drawing


In this project the main aim was to include as much value as possible to make the drawing more vivid, We included a lot of value to help the hand stand out. The purpose of using as much value as possible was to express the shades and light of the hand in that position or in other words from your perspective, therefore as mentioned above this concluded to the hand being more vivid. The purpose of the project was to draw the hand with a lot scale and value and aim that a person who saw this picture can understand the form, the lines, shades and where the light is hitting from. As mentioned above the value scale takes a huge role on helping the drawing become more vivid and stand out, it helps express shade, light, but most importantly to make the drawing realistic.


I think I put all my effort into this project although at times I got off track, generally I think I was successful at meeting the objectives, I added good use of value especially on the outline and border of the hand to help the hand stand out. I looked closely to the points where there was more light at some spots than others.


Some challenges I faced during this project were the parts where I had to change from one value to a other since some parts were darker or lighter than others but after trying and trying I overcame this challenge by smudging the chalk with my finger or a tissue paper.


Although I think I was successful at adding value on the hand and especially on the borders I think I could’ve improved and tried adding more value on the and especially darken all the points a little bit more to make it more vivid. I think that improving on adding a little bit more value on the center of the hand was the only improvement I could’ve made.


I think this project had to do and related to the renaissance because the use of value and scale was a major part/period during the renaissance and also especially perspective; it was important the drawing was made by the perspective you saw it in and then the value was added depending on the light or darkness. Another relation was 3D drawing, before the renaissance had 2D drawing which made the drawings look very nonrealistic, and as value and perspective got in 3D got invented and helped make the drawing more vivid.


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