Surreal Collage: Process Reflection 1

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Surreal Collage: Process Reflection 1

The objective in this project is to create a surreal piece of art as well as learn about Surrealism. Surrealism has three main aspects which make the art effective; playing with size and scale, objects in un-natural settings, and transformation. The aim is to use as much of these branches in our artwork to make it as surreal as possible using an image cut out from a magazine. We are to use our imagination in this project and after 3 sketches choose the most surreal one and re-draw it as the final piece.

My first sketch has an un-natural setting with the bottom half of the page being the sky and the top half being just a line pattern with two colors. It also uses size and scale since the head of the guy is much larger than for example the building at the bottom of the page. My second idea/sketch has a un-natural setting, first of all with the bottom half of the page being water and a plane inside and the top half being the sky with clouds but also fishes at the top. It also includes playing around with size and scale with the fish, clouds, plane and also the human in the image. Also transforming the hat in the image into a cake. On my last sketch I had the top half of the art being water and the bottom land with sun at the right hand corner which was unusual and the background would have a line pattern but vaguely so the background setting can be seen.

I think that my second idea was better than the other two because when compared to the branches of surrealism is met all 3 of them in an effective way. It has size and scale with the fishes and clouds being un-proportionate compared to each other and the rest of the artwork. It includes an un-natural setting with the sky being at the bottom and water being in the sky with clouds and fishes switched over they’re original environment. Also it includes transformation with the hat of the cowboy image transformed into a cake as well as having wings on it too. Since the image is black and white, i color coded my sketch. The blue shaded parts will be colored in along with the back ground . In conclusion  i decided that my second design was the best since it met all branches in surrealism and also has the most creative ideas.

On my designs especially on designs 1 and 3, there could be more idea in the art which also then can cover up more of the branches of surrealism and make the artwork more effective.  I couldve added some more creative aspects instead of one or two and that would also make the art more imaginative.

In order to improve my sketch and take it a step further i thought of adding somemore minor detail around the background such as adding a sun or swirly lines to make the artwork more interesting as well as detailed. By this i believe the artwork will become more eye catchy too.

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