Surreal Collage Final Reflection


Surreal Collage Final Reflection

The objectives of this assignment was focused on surrealism following it down to a few branches. The objective was not only to produce a surreal artwork but also learn about it, this project allowed us to portray freely what came to our mind and producing a surreal piece out of it. Surrealism has three main branches; playing around with size and scale, transformation and lastly, un-natural setting. These three branches are what make a surreal artwork and make it effective. Therefore the assignment was to choose an image from a magazine and with our creativity to produce a surreal artwork using that image. First we were to plan and design three different ideas and afterwards pick the best one out of three and produce a final piece.

There was no special reason for the image i chose besides the fact that i had ideas right away on what to with it. The image seemed interesting to me therefore i chose it. The image was a black and white image with a cowboy in it, another reason i chose this was to be creative and take it a step further by mixing up the black and white image with other colorful colors. There were not many images in black and white with such a theme or another image that was as interesting to me and caught my attention.

The materials my peers and i used were all similar. I used white paper, a picture from a magazine, coloring pencils, a pencil, a craft knife, glue stick, and scissors. I used the craft knife to cut the center of the picture i was going to use, as well as small minor parts. I glued my picture on the paper and then drew my final sketch lightly with a pencil, after i was done with this, i used coloring pencils to color my image.

My artwork clearly met the objectives and in my opinion concluded as an effective surreal artwork. My artwork displayed all the branches of surrealism effectively in fact some multiple times. My image was a cowboy with wings and a snake body flying in air with an airplane under it and fish on top of it. I used a variety of colors to really bring the artwork to life. I used transformation three times, i transformed the cowboy b adding wings, transforming his body into a snake and lastly transforming the cowboy hat into a cake. The un-natural setting was quite obvious with the fish floating along with the clouds and the airplane at the bottom half of the piece. Size and scale was shown by the size of the plane was fairly smaller than the cowboy and was about the same size as the fishes. By this, as my artwork met all branches, i met the objectives and produced an effective surreal piece.

There were a few minor difficulties i came across, however solved all of them without losing too much time. One of the difficulties i faced was when drawing as well as coloring the wings. Both sides had to be proportionate and very similar and i had trouble drawing both sides alike. One of the sides always had something odd about it, but with patience that was done. Another difficulty was with coloring as mentioned above, this was not only with the wings, but also the plane. As the wings and plane was going to be white, i realized leaving it like that gives an incomplete look to the artwork. Therefore i got the white and colored it with that, however that did not seem to work very effectively either. Therefore i took some different shades of blue and gray and added some shadows to both, the plane and wings and went over once more with white, giving both things a more realistic look.

I do not think there were any major things i needed or could have improved on with my artwork however, there are some minor ones. The first improvement is the coloring in some objects such as the plane and the wings, i thought these two things should have been white therefore to not leave it blank and un-colored, i colored it in white and then added some light and dark blue shadows. I tried displaying shadows of the wings, however, in my opinion could have done this better therefore to improve this, i could have given more attention and care on scales and where the shadows should be. The same thing goes for the plane too, i attempted in adding a shadow using gray and white to the bottom of the plane, however, could have been better. Another improvement would be the coloring in the background, the coloring could have been firmer which would make the artwork look well colored. There were some gaps left between which could have been done more carefully.

During the creating my peers had some suggestions which i displayed in my final piece. These suggestions were such things like color suggestions to give the artwork a brighter effect and for example things such as adding more transformation by transforming the cowboy’s body to a snake body. I added these suggestions and in my opinion this made my artwork much better by meeting the branches of surrealism. The Critique and feedback i received from my peers after the project was mostly positive, the improvements suggested are listed above. I agreed to each one my peers on improvements which were mainly based on my coloring skills in terms of shadows and coloring using value.

If i were to do this project all over again, i would definitely keep some in fact most of my valuable idea that fit in with the aspects of surrealism. As i met all the aspects, i think my artwork needed improvement on the coloring more than add anymore ideas. This does not mean that i would not add any. I would add such things by changing setting maybe and perhaps adding more randomness with objects.

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